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Great challenges for 2020 and a look at Competitiveness in 2019

Great challenges for 2020 and a look at Competitiveness in 2019

December 30, 2019 Santo Domingo. - For 2019 declared by his Excellency the President of the Republic, licensed Danilo Medina Sánchez, in the “Year of Innovation and Competitiveness”, Competitiveness presented important institutional milestones, after promoting more than 110 high impact initiatives for the citizen and for strengthening the Competitiveness of our productive sectors, the measures have been monitored through the Presidential Goals System, to ensure compliance. 

In the first quarter of the year, the first National Productivity Index, INP, was published, a tool that measures the total productivity disaggregated by sectors of the Dominican Republic. 

Additionally, in march has been made available for the citizen, the cost of the procedures they carry out in their daily lives, through the launch of the RD + SIMPLE Initiative and the Simplification Study of Procedures in the Dominican Republic. Prepared with the support of the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER) of Mexico. In this study, it has been estimated the total cost of 1,873 procedures and services corresponding to 53 institutions (including their dependencies), finding that they generate a Social Economic Cost (CES) equivalent to 5.46% of GDP. 

The agreement was signed with the specialists of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for star the tasks of analysis and gathering of information with public-private institutions for the Development of the Analysis of Productive Transformation Policies (PTPR , for its acronym in English) of the Dominican Republic that had 2 work missions, in the months of July and December, with international specialists in the field. 

Regarding the Strengthening of Regulatory Policy in the country, assistance was provided for the preparation of thirty-seven (37) Integral Plans for the Improvement of Procedures and Prioritized Services; Public Consultation implementation was promoted through the WWW.RDMASSIMPLE.GOB.DO portal, reaching a total of 1,186 consultations during 2019. 

This year, COMPETITIVENESS presented the initiative “Transparency is Competitiveness”, an innovative method that will serve to obtain the results of the administrative management of the institution. Its creation and the appointment of the members of the Accompaniment Commission of the National Competitiveness Council, is established by Resolution No. 0002-2019, signed on May 6 (6) of this year, allowing the integration and access of sectors of society in the public policy process, which guarantees the strengthening of institutionality and citizen participation. 

In another order, the Mercado Magazine presented in its thirteenth year the 80 Best Companies to Work in Dominican Republic and for the first time the National Competitiveness Council was selected for its outstanding inclusive and participatory management. In the position 38 of the ranking. among the three only State entities, together with the Attorney General's Office of the Republic, in position 27, and the he General Direction of Internal Taxes (DGII), in position 29. This recognition measures at national level the institutions that promote and stimulate talent and Professional development of its employees as part of its corporate philosophy. 

For its work in favor of Dominican exports, COMPETITIVENESS was awarded in the category “Excellence in Service to the Exporting Sector”, Public Sector, in the thirty-third edition of the Awards for Exporting Excellence 2019 that took place, in the framework of the Grand Dinner of the Dominican Exporter, organized by the Dominican Association of Exporters, ADOEXPO. 

This year, the President of the Republic, Mr. Danilo Medina Sánchez, headed the seventh and eighth sessions of the Plenary Session of the National Competitiveness Council, thus giving continuity and follow-up to the work framed in the Dominican Competitive Agenda, for the strengthening of the productive sectors and the business climate. 

During the last session of the Plenary, he took the opportunity to welcome the 13 new members of the National Competitiveness Council and the Advisory Council. Through Article 1 of Decree No. 348-19, the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Ramón Antonio Pepín, and the Minister of Labor, Winston Santos, both representing the public sector, were appointed. Article 2 of the aforementioned decree also establishes the incorporation of eleven new members to the Advisory Council, they are Celso Juan Marranzini, Lina García, Isaachart Burgos, Eduardo Lima, Juan José Attias, María Waleska Álvarez, Rogelio Viesca, José Luís Magadan, Lucille Houellemont, Claudia Pellerano and Sandy Filpo, representing the private sector. 

In this year, the development of the Support to Strengthen Municipal Competitiveness project, which has been socialize with more than 40 organizations from the public sector, private sector, civil society and international organizations, also began. Within the framework of this project, an information survey was carried out, through online surveys and visits to 10 municipalities, for the formulation of a diagnosis on business climate at the municipal level, for which support was provided of the Inter-American Development Bank and for the next year, the development of the first Municipal Competitiveness Index is contemplated. 

In addition, several interinstitutional agreements were signed with various public-private entities to boost the creative economy, innovation, education and productive strengthening of different sectors. agreements Including, the Ministry of Culture, the Directorate General for Special Programs of the Presidency (DIGEPEP), the General Directorate of Multilateral Cooperation (DIGECOOM), INDOTEL, Design Week ES, the National Statistical Office (ONE) and the Specialized Corps in Civil Aviation Airport Security (CESAC). Also, noteworthy is the strategic alliance in innovation, technology and education with the Intellisys technology company and the Cincinnatus Institute of Craftsmanship.

Looking forward into 2020 

For 2020, COMPETITIVENESS propose follow the strengthen the Dominican Competitiveness Strategy, for the reason to implement all approved initiatives, as part of plenary of the Council, for strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of our productive sectors as like invest climate in the country. 

We will continue the policy of regulatory improvement promoted by the Dominican government through COMPETITIVENESS, with the lifting of the second stage of RD + Simple , which seeks to improve the efficiency of public institutions by streamline processes, identifying and evaluating regulations and the participation of citizens and productive sectors in public policies processes. 

We will conclude, together with the OECD, the Analysis of Productive Transformation Policies for the Dominican Republic, a document that will yield important recommendations for the implementation of public policies in the areas of agrofood, productive chains and innovation necessary to continue inserting the country into the chains Global value. 

In another side, as part of the project of support to the strength of the municipal competitiveness, we development the first Municipal Competitiveness Index, tool to measure as referent at competitiveness and the invest climate in the municipal level, to be use to support all the public policies processes for impulse local development. 

In the legislative field, we bet for that the law projects of the Movable Guarantees, Public-Private Partnership and Urban Planning Offices Law achieve approval in the National Congress, since the three initiatives are vital for national competitiveness. As well as the decree on the regulatory activity of the State.

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