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  • DR scale three positions in the Social Progress Index 2019

DR scale three positions in the Social Progress Index 2019

DR scale three positions in the Social Progress Index 2019

The country occupies the 78th position in the ranking above El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. 

Santo Domingo, November 19, 2019.- Social Progress Imperative presented the results of the eighth edition of the Social Progress Index, IPS, where the Dominican Republic showed a recovery from last year, climbing 3 positions in the index and increasing 2.8% its score, going from position 81 to 78 of the ranking. 

The index shows an improvement in the Opportunity dimensions with a performance of 9.9%. While the Inclusion indicator climbed 17 positions, growing by 16.2%. Recovering significantly from the score, he obtained in 2018. 

Likewise, the Human Basic Needs dimension experienced a growth of 2.4%, due to the good performance in the water and sanitation, housing and nutrition and primary medical care components. 

Finally, in the dimension of Structures for Well-being, its score decreased by 1.6%, despite having climbed 6 positions in the ranking. This decline can be associate mainly to the performance of the Environmental Sustainability component, which had a resounding fall, decreasing its score by 10.3%. 

From COMPETITIVENESS, we are promoting, within the framework of a large public-private partnership, a series of initiatives to promote a great cultural transformation in the country, based on the values of competitiveness and innovation. In the last session of the Plenary, President Medina ordered the creation of the Innovation Committee, with the aim of articulating a National Innovation Strategy, promoting the values of productivity and useful innovation, focused on solving social problems, addressing the needs of the national productive sectors and improve the business climate, ”said Rafael Paz Familia, executive director of COMPETITIVENESS.

He added, "That in order to transform the Dominican Republic for the good living of the next generations, we must promote paradigm changes that go beyond the creation of public policies and for this, we need the collaboration of all citizens and the private sector."

Similarly, he said, “The National Competitiveness Council develops the Competitive Regions initiative, whose objective is equal to initiatives in the productive field that can be developed so that a territory can be competitive at the regional level. It is desire to emphasize that they are actions to improve the performance of the local economy. This process is in active participation with the economic actors of the territory in question”.

About Social Progress Index

According to the Social Progress Imperative, social progress is define as the ability of a society to meet the fundamental human needs of its citizens, to establish foundations that improve and maintain the quality of life of its citizens and communities, and to create conditions for all individuals to reach their full potential.

The Index evaluates several dimensions, the first is Basic Needs, this determines how much countries meet the essential needs of people, measuring access to nutrition and basic medical care, access to drinking water, if they have access to adequate housing with basic services and if society is safe. 

The second dimension is Structures for Well-being; it includes citizens' access to basic education, if they can access the information inside and outside the country, and if they have conditions for a healthy life. 

The third dimension assesses opportunities, measures the degree to which each citizen has personal rights and freedoms, also measures the degree of access to advanced forms of education to create the potential that generates new opportunities. 

For the 2019 edition, it was decide to measure the evolution of social progress, identify the relative movement of each component, and dimension of the index this to measure the improvements in each of these. The Social Progress Index identifies the social and environmental elements of the countries' performance. It considers social progress in a systematic and comprehensive manner, which encompasses three elements: dimensions, components and indicators.


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