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  • United States interested in the competitiveness and security of the Dominican Republic

United States interested in the competitiveness and security of the Dominican Republic

United States interested in the competitiveness and security of the Dominican Republic

The approach of the top US representative, covered various topics sensitive to the development of the national productive sector and the country response to natural disasters.

April 8, 2019, Santo Domingo.- The ambassador of the United States of America in the Dominican Republic, Robin Bernstein, visited the National Competitiveness Council, attending the invitation of its executive director, Rafael Paz, with the purpose of giving Know in a formal way, the initiatives of the Dominican Government through the “Competitive Dominican” agenda and the opportunities of commercial relations, with a view to boosting the competitiveness of the productive sectors of the country.

Within the framework of the “Year of Innovation and Competitiveness” amendments, a lunch meeting was held that included the participation of important representatives of the private sector and members of the COMPETITIVENESS Council, such as: Pedro Brache, Group President Rica and CONEP; Rafael Blanco Canto, president of Viva Wyndham Resorts; José Class, president of Wind-Telecom; Manuel Diez, president of Grupo Diesco; Pedro Esteva, president of Implements and Machinery (IMCA); Carlos Guillermo León, vice president of Banco BHD León; Celso Marranzini, president of MultiQuimika; Carlos Martí, president of Grupo Martí; José Manuel Ureña, president of Manuel Arsenio Ureña, Bernardo Vega of the Dominican Cultural Foundation, Máximo Vidal, president of Citi Dominican Republic; Monsignor Agripino Núñez Collado, Fernando Capellán of Grupo Codevi and Héctor José Risek of Grupo Risek.

The diplomat valued the public-private work agenda led by COMPETITIVENESS, as well as the more than 109 measures approved by the Council in 2018, which seeks to improve the business climate, facilitate trade, simplify regulations, optimize and transform production processes, increase exports and deepen alliances between all economic sectors involved.

Berstein added, “that competitiveness is not only important because it improves the country's ability to respond to situations that affect its security such as natural disasters, but also, because it covers such key issues as institutionality, transparency, education, justice, energy, health, among other aspects “, who was accompanied by Katherine Beamer, Counselor of the Section of Political and Economic Affairs; Lidia Valdés and David Baker, Economic officer of the United States embassy.

Paz highlighted, the close relationship that the United States has with the Dominican Republic, being the main trading partner of the Caribbean country as well as the demonstrable entrepreneurial and competitive culture they have had so far. In addition, he acknowledged that almost two million Dominicans live in their territory, which creates an even more than special bond between the two peoples.

“We have great opportunities to make a positive synergy in the field of innovation, education, research, entrepreneurship, investments. Building bridges is an essential part of achieving a more competitive country, “said the executive director of COMPETITIVENESS.

Other issues aired during the meeting, where Dominican businessmen from various economic sectors expressed their impressions on exports, is the current scenario of trade with Haiti, specifically at the border, which still presents great challenges to be overcome to prevent smuggling. And strengthen the security of both civil society and the companies that conduct their business with the neighboring country.

Similarly, the ambassador of the United States stressed, the importance of competitiveness and innovation to raise local investment, customs operations, and the opportunity to provide the necessary educational tools, to meet the national demand for professionals trained for Industrial, mining and health sector.


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