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  • VII meeting of the Ibero-American and Caribbean network for Regulatory Improvement

VII meeting of the Ibero-American and Caribbean network for Regulatory Improvement

VII meeting of the Ibero-American and Caribbean network for Regulatory Improvement


Within the framework of Pillar # 1 of the National Competitiveness Agenda "Dominicana Competitiva" that refers to trade facilitation, our institution has proposed to integrate the policies of regulatory improvement to the fight against government bureaucracy. Recently, the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina Sánchez, issued Decree no. 258-18 of regulatory improvement that  designates the Executive Directorate of the National Competitiveness Council as the entity responsible for developing and presenting a proposal for a National Plan for Regulatory Improvement. In addition, as part of these transcendental initiatives it was implemented the active incorporation of the Dominican Republic into the Ibero-American and Caribbean Regulatory Improvement Network.

The Ibero-American and Caribbean Network for Regulatory Improvement was conceived as a regional space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, with the aim of strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks of the member countries, as well as the technical capacities of their respective governments in the area of regulatory improvement. Currently,  the Network is composed by 15 permanent member countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. In addition,  2 multilateral organizations (IDB and OECD) as institutional members. However, as it has been happening since its beginnings, the network is expecting that in the future other countries and multilateral organizations will continue to join.

Previously, the Network has held meetings in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico. In this opportunity, given the important initiatives that through COMPETITIVIDAD the  government of the Dominican Republic  has been carrying it out in matters of regulatory improvement, the members of the Network gave the opportunity to our country to host the 7th meeting. The program includes the exhibition of 12 thematic panels, presented by renowned national and international exhibitors, representing the public, private and academic sectors. Among the main topics that will be addressed are: the policy of regulatory improvement in the Dominican Republic; the regulation of the shared economy; the concept of regulation in economics and law; the regulation of innovation in the digital economy; social participation and public consultation; the implementation of new mechanisms of regulatory improvement;  regulatory improvement strategies implemented in Latin America;  academic programs in regulation and regulatory improvement;  the inspections and verifications in the regulatory improvement; the policy of regulatory improvement in the United States of America; and good practices for the strengthening of international regulatory cooperation.

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