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  • Dominican Republic is consolidated as a strategic ally of the regulatory improvement

Dominican Republic is consolidated as a strategic ally of the regulatory improvement

Dominican Republic is consolidated as a strategic ally of the regulatory improvement

Friday 5, october 2018, Santo Domingo.- The Ibero-American and Caribbean Regulatory Improvement Network chose the Dominican Republic among its executive leadership. In this new role, the country will assume as deputy coordinator to celebrate its VIII Encuentro in 2019 and as coordinator for 2020, where in the latter we will have the honor of being the event coordinators again.

The Ibero-American and Caribbean Network for Regulatory Improvement was conceived as a regional space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, with the aim of strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks of the member countries, as well as the technical capacities of their respective governments in that area.

The Network is made up of 15 countries, of which were present: Argentina, Presidency of the Argentine Nation, Ministry of Modernization, Ministry of Finance, Ibero-American Association of Regulation Studies (ASIER); Brazil, Presidency of the Federal Republic of Brazil and Chamber of Foreign Trade (CAMEX); Chile, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism; Colombia, National Department of Planning and the Department of Mining, Oil and Energy Law of the Externado de Colombia University; Costa Rica, Directorate for Regulatory Improvement of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce; Ecuador, National Secretariat of Planning and Development; Spain, Ministry of the Presidency and for Territorial Administrations, Secretariat of State for Public Administrations of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations and the Office of Quality and Normative Coordination of Spain; El Salvador, Office of the Presidency, Regulatory Improvement Organization, Technical Secretariat and Planning of the Presidency; Mexico, National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER) and the Autonomous University of the State of Nuevo León; Peru, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the German Cooperation (GIZ) in Peru, the Agency for Evaluation and Environmental Enforcement of Peru (OEFA), and the Ministry of Economy and Finance; Panama, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Secretariat of Competitiveness and Logistics, the Municipality of the City of Panama, the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning; Dominican Republic, Ministry of the Presidency, National Competitiveness Council, Dominican Embassy in Spain, Leslie & Leslie, Attorneys at Law, Finjus, IOMG, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

In addition to the members of the Network, the VII Meeting was attended by the representatives of the following countries and organizations: United States, Office of Regulatory Computing Affairs (OIRA) and the Kelly School of Business of the University of Indiana; as well as the OAS, the World Bank and Walmart.

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